Carbine CEL 3IN1 electronic lock - Lever set

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CEL 3 in 1

A great locking solution for your front door or office.

The Carbine CEL3in1 touchscreen locks are a digital lock offered in leverset, deadbolt and mortice variants. It provides a keyless locking solution that allows you to give contractors, tradies, cleaners, short term tenants, children and more, easy access to your business, home or rental, for when you are not there.

How it works

The Carbine CEL 3 in 1 Touchscreen Locks provides a keyless locking solution making for more convenient access to your home. It puts a stop to lost keys and the unnecessary lockout. There are three modes of access by way of a 4-8 digit code, RFID card/chip or NFC enabled smartphone.

Wrist bands, phone stickers, fobs, and entry cards can be found under door accessories.